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Business Tax Help & Consulting for Charleston Businesses

Business tax help Charleston SC

As a Charleston small business ourselves, Pure Tax Resolution understands the hardships and effort involved with running a successful business in Charleston.  As you know, any given business owner puts their heart and soul into running a profitable business, and the last thing they want is their livelihood jeopardized due to crippling business tax debt.  Charleston Pure Tax has helped hundreds of businesses relieve themselves of their business tax problems, and continue to consult with them to keep their business healthy and compliant. If you are a local business owner with tax problems, or would like to have a professional business tax consultant re-tune your business' tax and accounting obligations, our business tax help professionals are available for all your needs. 

Our Business Tax Resolution Specialties

1. Payroll Tax Help

All too often we come across a business that has failed to sufficiently pay or calculate their payroll taxes.  As you can imagine, payroll tax debt can spell doom for a business if not resolved properly and on time.  For any payroll tax issue that Charleston business owners may face, Charleston Pure Tax provides payroll tax debt relief and management solutions.  Our goal is to keep your payroll taxes in compliance for the life of your business.

2. Worker Classification Resolution

1099 or W-2? May seem like a simple question, but there are in fact many extenuating circumstances that go into properly classifying a worker.  It's important to understand the criteria of worker classification, as improper classification can lead to hazardous business tax problems.  We help Charleston business owners understand worker classification criteria and keep them in compliance.

3. Overstated Deduction Resolution

Business owners of Charleston devote alot of time to properly record and file their business expenses, but at times, the deductions filed may be overzealous in the eyes of the IRS or state. In these cases where business expenses are overstated, the IRS will target the business for audits, which can lead to penalties, collections, and even seizures. Before these issues arise, consulting a business tax help professional is your best bet to properly file your business expenses.

4. Business Tax Management and Consulting

In many cases, resolving business tax debt is just putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.  Once a tax debt is resolved for a business, problems will only continue to arise unless changes are made. In addition to resolving any kind of business tax debt, we are in business to see Charleston business owners continue to remain compliant, healthy, and profitable.  As a result, we offer innovative tax, accounting, payroll, and cash-flow management services for local businesses. For a flat, affordable monthly fee, we manage all the tax, accounting, and expense management obligations for your business, and show you how these obligations can be used as tools to promote growth. Overall, it's about increasing your profitability!



Full-Service Business Tax Resolution and Management for Charleston Businesses

Charleston-area business owners, you can take a sigh of relief knowing there is a professional business tax consultant on your side!  Our full-service business tax services will ensure your business remains tax debt-free, and profitable moving forward. For a free personal business consultation, contact our President, Tim Halcomb today - (843) 804-6774Pure Tax Resolution Team

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