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International Tax Services of Charleston, SC

International tax attorney Charleston SC

In addition to the numerous domestic tax problems we resolve for Charleston area taxpayers, we have evolved our services to help local residents who own offshore investments, or are involved with international employment.  Similar to domestic tax issues, these residents with international tax issues find themselves facing hazardous penalties and seizures from the U.S. Government.  Pure Tax Resolution has a professional team of international tax attorneys and CPAs that help protect the assets of international investors, as well as those employed or own business offshore.


International Tax Matters


FATCA and FBAR Compliance

Recently, the Government has established new regulations requiring U.S. residents with international investments to report their asset value and gains. The most common regulations are FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) and FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) which require international investors with offshore bank accounts, capital gain accounts, real estate commodities, etc to report their assets using a certain form.  Many international investors fail to fully understand the reporting specifications and find themselves facing serious penalties as a result.  For any FBAR, FATCA, or offshore investment consulting need, Charleston Pure Tax can help.

International Employment

Many local residents may earn income internationally and need help resolving any tax issues and remain compliant.  As the international tax filing requirements may be more cumbersome than domestic filing, it's important to have a professional international tax consultant on your side. Charleston Pure Tax can help you with any international tax filing or management needs.


We are available for your International Tax Compliance needs

As the number of international investors and employees continue to grow in the Charleston area, we have evolved our services to serve anyone with international tax resolution or consulting needs. For all your offshore investing or employment tax needs, contact us for a free consultation - (843) 804-6774


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