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IRS Audit Representation for Charleston Taxpayers


If you are a local taxpayer (individual or business owner) facing an IRS audit of any kind, it's important to embrace the severity of the situation and pursue professional IRS audit representation to properly settle the audit. Although many audits are a product of random selection, some can originate from alarming errors on your tax return, which can result in a "field audit" where the IRS shows up at your home or office. In any scenario, if the IRS identifies fraud on your tax returns you may be subject to hefty penalties, collections, and even criminal investigations for extreme cases.  Charleston Pure Tax Resolution specializes in professional IRS audit representation for Charleston individuals and businesses facing an audit of any kind.  We have helped hundreds of taxpayers properly prepare and settle audits, and can do the same for you.


Our IRS Audit Representation Procedures:

  • Contact the IRS on your behalf to gather all information regarding your audit.
  • Collect all necessary tax records on your behalf, including past tax returns, financial statements, etc.
  • Prepare the necessary tax documents required by the IRS, and advocate on your behalf to alleviate any potential issues.
  • Once the IRS audit is settled, review your transcripts and records to devise a plan to avoid future audits and other tax problems.


Seek IRS Audit Representation Today

Having a professional IRS audit representation on your side could make or break your personal or professional well-being.  We urge any Charleston-area taxpayers to not take an IRS audit for granted, but to contact us today so we can help you understand your IRS audit situation, and provide the proper representation you need. Free consultations - (843) 804-6774

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