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Licensed Tax Attorneys - Serving Charleston, SC

Tax attorney Charleston SC

As a vital part of our tax resolution firm, our team of licensed tax law attorneys provide a legal advantage to our Charleston clients in need of professional tax debt settlement.  Regardless of the complexity of your tax problem, only a licensed tax attorney, or some cases, enrolled agent, has the exclusive privilege to negotiate tax settlements with the IRS or State of South Carolina.  From their comprehensive knowledge of the IRS and South Carolina tax codes, our tax attorneys are able to provide settlement plans for state or IRS back taxes, tax penalties, audits, wage garnishments, business tax problems, international tax problems, plus any other complicated tax debt issue that Charleston taxpayers may experience.


Our Tax Attorney Advantages

Privileged Communications

Tax attorneys spend many years studying and proving their knowledge of the U.S. and State tax codes in order to acquire exclusive IRS communication privileges.  Our Charleston clients gain the distinct advantage when hiring our tax attorneys to communicate with the IRS or State Treasury on their behalf.

Exclusive Negotiation Skills

By thoroughly understanding the U.S. and State tax codes, our licensed tax attorneys understand how to negotiate with the proper IRS/state officials to achieve an ideal tax settlement for our Charleston clients.

Professional Ethics

Any member of our firm is required to abide by a code of professional ethics, to ensure that our clients receive the professional, honest service they deserve. This is especially the case for our tax attorneys and enrolled agents. In addition to having the legal advantage of a tax attorney to settle your tax debt, our tax attorneys provide friendly, reliable customer service to our Charleston clients.

Free Consultations for your Tax Attorney needs

We are proud to offer taxpayers in the Charleston area our professional tax attorney advantages to settle their tax problems.  For all your tax resolution needs, contact us today to see how having our licensed tax attorneys on your side is the best case scenario in settling your tax debt problems. Free consultations - (843) 804-6774.

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The Pure Tax Resolution team

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